What is MySportsPage? 
(Or rather, Your SportsPage


As an active sportsman or sportswoman, haven’t you ever wanted to be able to come directly into contact with your team mates or other sportspeople who share your interest? 


Wouldn’t it be great to have your own profile so that sports clubs can contact you instead of the other way around?  


Tools such as online bookings, appointments, subscription details, club activities, but also team mates, friends, partners... come within your reach in a trice, whenever you want. Clubs can inform you at any time about their activities, calendar and novelties. Clubs who really want to pamper their members can swamp you with thousands of discounts and advantages.


Share your sporting moments and video messages, blog as you like and chat with other enthusiastic sportsmen and women. Offer your trainer/coach the possibility of adjusting your training programme and get your club to notify you online of any class to be cancelled or a game to be played at another location. 


All this is available today on one and the same platform, and yes, it is your platform. It is Your SportsPage and it is yours only. Don’t you have a sports page yet or hasn’t your  club offered you one yet via their local administration?


Then today is the day. Let a (new) sports world open up to you. 

Sporting regards, 


The MySportspage europe Foundation Team 

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