It has been known for a long time that active people enjoy better health and a better quality of life. Living an active life means you create the need to exercise on a regular basis. For that, you need personal aims as well as professional guidance, mutual involvement and the right environment. Only with the necessary discipline, can people learn bit by bit how to lead an active life.


MYSPORTSPAGE commits itself to helping you with your aims. This platform creates a link between your sports clubs and yourself by means of a whole lot of services that you would consider necessary as a sportsman or woman in order to plan your activities properly. An online sports agenda, which not only can you connect to that of your local club, but also to other sports programmes and incentives, health insurance funds, nutrition programmes, health services and coaching/trainer services.  


We can help you to remember any appointment with your trainer and any club party.  

All these services are vital in managing your activities properly. You have a direct connection with your club, which is both handy and cool.   

Obviously sport is more than just working out. The social contact that goes with it, is even more important to some than the actual exercise. Others look for the most suitable sports facilities near their homes or want to know whether they can exercise during a stay abroad. This platform also keeps you informed about all provincial and municipal sports initiatives organized. By way of a bonus, we have set up collaborations with all European countries so that media companies can offer you their news reporting live in real time via our platform, as well as videos and photos. Last but not least, we give clubs the opportunity to offer you as a member a wide range of discount vouchers.   

To put it briefly... we hope to create a better link between those who exercise and sports clubs, to bring the practice of sports to a higher and more fun level. For, after all, that is our most satisfying reward: to improve the quality of life for as many people as we can.  


We provide numerous tools that enable you to connect your club to this platform.

Many sports clubs have limited financial means, reason for which we offer this platform up to 99.99% for free. We only ask for a small fee for mailing, SMS services and connection to local software (this is offered under licence to your software provider). This allows any club to enter the largest sports family in Europe and in that way make use of numerous possibilities with regard to recruiting and maintaining members.


Sports Points

All end-users get points for every visit and also for recruiting friends. Each point has a value of 0.01 ct. Once a user has collected 1000 points, he or she will receive a voucher of 10 Euro. The voucher has to be handed to the club when membership is due for renewal or in respect of another sports contribution, if so wished. The club returns the voucher to us and we refund the 10 Euro to the club.

So there is more to win than just enjoyable services. This way, we hope many more active people will join a club in order to practice sports in a responsible and well-balanced way with regard to trainer and sportsman or woman.

(This money will be generated by advertisers, who enable us to pay the vouchers)

 In other words: advertisers not only increase their public profile, but also support the practice of sports in our country, for which sports clubs and our organization are grateful.  (all copyright owned by vzw, Ruggeveldlaan 752 - 2100  Antwerp, Belgium)